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Ohio-Based, Family-Owned and Operated Auto Sales Company Expand Network Capabilities While Reducing Costs with Horizon DIA

Horizon Wins – March 2023 – Horizon is excited to announce that a family-owned and operated auto sales company based in Ohio has chosen Horizon Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and PRI service on a 36-month term to both expand network capabilities and reduce costs.

Prior to switching to Horizon, this local auto sales organization had been leveraging a competitor’s service. Unfortunately, it soon found that this competitor’s service couldn’t deliver the strategic advantages the organization desired — and the prices were also exorbitant. As a result, the organization pursued other more powerful and cost-effective options. Horizon, as a local network partner, comes with a unique perspective that helps organizations like this auto sales company find the right, robust network solutions without breaking the bank. Horizon’s competitive prices, combined with its expertise, reputation for exceptional customer care and leading network solutions, helped the auto sales organization harness greater speed, reliability, security and more with DIA.

Horizon’s DIA services provide customers with a more advantageous connectivity solution due to the private nature of the networking. With shared connections, users often face congestion or other latency and performance issues due to network traffic patterns that are beyond their control. With DIA, customers like this auto sales organization can benefit from reliable connectivity that is fast and secure. With PRI added, users enjoy an end-to-end communications connection that helps all operations move at the pace of digital business. Plus, Horizon’s experience delivering customized, tailored network solutions offers additional competitive and cost advantages.

“Horizon has been built from the ground up with this kind of customer in mind. We have architected our solutions and service style to help people when they are in a bind and need a right-sized solution that doesn’t make them compromise on cost or capability,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “We’re thrilled to see another local business thrive with the right connectivity at their fingertips.”

To learn more about Horizon DIA service, click here.


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