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Ohio County Leverages DIA and E-Line to Boost Connectivity and Community Care

Horizon Wins – November 2023 – Today, Horizon proudly announces that its DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) and E-Line Ethernet solutions have been selected by an Ohio county’s local government to deliver advanced connectivity in support of municipal services.

This Ohio county, originally using cable internet connections from municipal locations back to the courthouse as well as cable-based phone services, recognized a need to reinvest in its network foundations to better serve its community. As the importance and breadth of civic services increases, utilizing fast, reliable, secure connections becomes paramount. Today, the Ohio county has signed on to leverage 500Mbps of DIA alongside four E-Line connections ranging from 100Mbps to 300Mbps.

Both dedicated internet and Ethernet-based connectivity deliver a range of advantages to support modern digital needs. With dedicated internet connectivity, municipal and local government operations can remain separated from other fiber users while benefiting from protected performance that isn’t impacted by others’ peak traffic times or network congestion. Furthermore, the physical connections provided by Ethernet also deliver maximum security for sensitive information, making it ideal for this regulated sector.

To ensure this Ohio county got the solutions it needed, the Horizon team was accessible and responsive, answering any and all questions while delivering its signature standard of local customer care. Today, this established collaboration paves the way for this Ohio county to continue connecting even more locations with robust, high-performance connectivity.

“Regulated industries and government use cases bring a particular set of stringent needs to the table, which means organizations like this Ohio county need a network partner they can trust to truly get the job done right,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Our fiber optic solutions provide the best results across privacy, security, speed and more — and we always make sure our collaborative care helps customers excel and achieve their digital goals. We’re very proud to be this local government’s partner of choice.”

Learn more about how Horizon solutions cater to government use cases, and check out industry-specific success stories here.


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