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Ohio Hospital Adds Cloud Express and E-Line for Increased Connectivity Security and Performance

Horizon Wins – October 2023 – Horizon is proud to announce that a local Ohio hospital has given its trust to Horizon Cloud Express and Ethernet services to help it enhance its underlying connectivity’s speed, performance and security on behalf of patients. These two services, which boost the hospital’s connections to its data locations and deliver physical network links, ensure that patient data can be securely stored and transferred while still remaining mobile for innovative care opportunities.

This Ohio hospital network, which already has 13 locations onboarded on the Horizon backbone, found that it needed a direct connection via the cloud and 1Gbps of Ethernet to ensure this hospital location could enjoy more effective, fast and reliable connectivity for its operations. As healthcare services become more advanced, the secure sharing of patient data between doctors, medical teams and healthcare locations is becoming vital for delivering the best experiences and care to patients. Horizon, as a trusted network partner with decades of experience serving regulated and highly secure use cases, was ready to help this Ohio hospital interconnect to the rest of its geographically diverse healthcare system.

With Ethernet, hospitals like this one can rely on physical connections rooted in pure, dedicated fiber optic pathways, adding next-level security to underlying network foundations. As a result, the Ohio hospital also ensures it has access to all its dedicated bandwidth at any given time, helping medical processes and data sharing to occur when and as needed. By adding Cloud Express, direct connections to clouds also become more cost-effective and secure thanks to the ability to avoid the public internet. The combined advantages of these two solutions deliver the ultimate in robust networking and secure data transmission for sensitive patient information and medical communications.

“Delivering the very best care to patients in a mobile, digital world is a complex balance of detailed, data-informed care and data privacy, protection and security. Enhancing the network that supports this Ohio hospital is key to helping them build a bright future for patients,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Our Cloud Express solution, combined with Ethernet-based connectivity, delivers powerful benefits for healthcare platforms, and we’re excited to see this Ohio hospital and its network become even stronger and more reliable on behalf of those they serve.”

Want to see another example of how these solutions benefit healthcare providers and their patients? Give our Southern Ohio Health Care Network case study a read.


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