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Horizon’s high speed internet service delivers fast and reliable internet speeds. Download music, stream movies and play your favorite games on a speed plan that’s right for you!

  • Incredibly Reliable
  • Expert Technical Support
  • No Monthly Data Caps
  • Email with Spam and Virus Protection

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*Speeds vary on location. Services not available in all areas. Some restrictions may apply.

Internet Packages

Choose the speed that fits your needs. No data caps and receive up to 5 email addresses with spam
filters included.

  • Perfect for all the basics.
  • Basic WiFi $5.95
  • Whole-Home WiFi $9.95
  • Great for streaming, gaming and homes with several connected devices.
  • Basic Wifi Included
  • Whole-Home WiFi $9.95
  • For the connected family with a number of connected devices and heavy streaming.
  • Basic WiFi Included
  • Whole-Home WiFi $9.95
  • Great for the home office, serious gamers and cord cutters.
  • Basic WiFi Included
  • Whole-Home WiFi $9.95

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Whole-home WiFi

Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to seamless coverage throughout every inch of your home. Horizon’s Whole-Home Wifi is a multi-room Wifi system specifically designed to provide wall to wall coverage. The perfect solution for homes over 1200 square feet or homes with multiple levels.

  • Professional installation – Our technicians will utilize WiFi scanning apps to evaluate your home to customize the system for you and your family
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection – WiFi service in both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands simultaneously. You never have to pick what you think will be the best.
  • Mobile App – The app allows you to easily see how your network is performing. It also allows you to manage parental controls and setup a guest network.
  • Expandable – Adding a new addition? Finishing the basement? Adding more devices? Horizon’s Whole Home Wifi grows with you.

Add Horizon Whole-Home WiFi service for $9.95/mo. to your Internet package today!

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