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Schlabach Printers Chooses Fiber DIA to Increase Business Speed

Horizon Wins – December 2023 – Horizon is excited to announce that Schlabach Printers, a one-stop-shop, family-owned and operated printing company based in Ohio’s Amish Country, has selected 200Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), along with SIP and Static IP capabilities, to support its business transformation. Offering better speed, reliability and communications, this network transformation empowers the company to meet its goals on behalf of its customers.

As businesses and brands grow in the digital era, many find that their underlying networks have trouble keeping up with both internal operational demand and customer expectations. From lag and jitter to lackluster connectivity, outdated networking setups can impact customer experiences and drag businesses down. When Schlabach Printers saw that its network needed some work, it invested in DIA and other communications tools to boost productivity, enhance digital capabilities and leverage enhanced speed, reliability, security and more.

Together, Horizon and Schlabach Printers developed a strong working relationship that allowed them to pinpoint solutions that would align with the company’s goals for the future. Backed by local, Ohio-based support and strong SLAs, Schlabach knows it is prepared for anything and always has trusted expertise on its side.

“When a local business like Schlabach Printers invests in its network and recognizes the need for strong, stable connectivity and networking infrastructure, it’s a win for everyone. Customers get more convenient, available and enjoyable experiences, and business teams get greater ease across advanced operations. As more customers look to do business online, this kind of transformation is becoming foundational for strategic growth. We’re proud to be a trusted partner in this process, and we’re excited to see how Schlabach Printers leverages its robust connectivity now and into the future,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon.

Want to learn more about why network investment is worth it? Check out our blog to see how digital transformation pays dividends.


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