Dark Fiber Services

Fiber Solutions That Offer Flexibility and Security

Access to dark fiber is not something that most carriers will provide, but Horizon Network Partners is different.

At Horizon, our commitment to superior customer service and unmatched responsiveness is at the heart of our dark fiber service offering. Built on a fiber network comprised of more than 4,500 route miles located in non-traditional routes, it’s an offering that provides access to an advanced and growing network with security and flexibility.

Non-Traditional Routes

We have a dark fiber network that presents routes that other networks don’t. Our network was intentionally built to avoid the most frequented routes, which ensures an extra measure of security and reliability.

Expanding Network

Every year, we’re making additions to our fiber network, expanding beyond the boundaries of where we’ve been. While our metro network is growing, our primary focus is on suburban and rural areas. This offers our customers flexibility and options that they can’t find with other providers.

The Latest Technology

At Horizon, we’ve been providing telecommunications services for more than 120 years. All the while, our dedication to technology and innovation has been constant, which is evident in our 100 percent fiber optic network, most of which is less than 10 years old. This means that across our 4,500 route miles, all of our fiber and equipment offers the capacity to provide the backbone for the newest technology services.

Using our up-to- date network, our customers can provide or take advantage of services that would be impossible on older networks.

Ultimate Flexibility

With Horizon Network Partners dark fiber, your operations run the show. You light the fiber, maintain your network and remain in control. As your needs change, we’ll work with you to find flexible solutions. Meanwhile, you’re secure in knowing that your data is running over fiber that is secure, robust and customizable. And by choosing dark fiber from Horizon, your operations also gain access to colocation at our more than 40 diversely connected points of presence (POPs) throughout the Midwest.

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