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Base POTS Lines

Many companies still have what the industry refers to as POTS lines, which is an acronym for “Plain Old Telephone Service.” POTS service typically is based on non-fiber copper-based (usually referred to as “twisted pair”) platform. Some companies have legacy copper-based POTS services hard-wired into their commercial facilities, with copper or hybrid connectivity. Whether copper- or fiber based, Smithville can optimize your telephone service. Our POTS products include:

  • Traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
  • Business Hunt Groups (Rollover lines)
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
  • Voice TI with 23 channels (talk paths) incoming or outgoing
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers
  • SIP (VoIP Trunks) – this service requires internet connectivity

Voice services include:

  • Single voice (includes CID)
  • Multivoice
  • Enhanced Add
  • Includes UL, LD, CID, CWII
  • Hunt Group (Main Lin no fee)

Multi-POTS Services

Horizon can service and maintain multi-line phone systems with a switchboard (PRI) in place that serves several independently numbered phone lines. Multi-POTS services can be useful when a customer wants more than two phone lines or has a local PBX system in place.

PBX Systems

Take advantage of all the benefits of peer-to-peer IP telephony for your mid-sized or branch office.
Horizon offers PBX systems that can support a hybrid network with traditional digital/analog switching, IP/TDM/IP switching, and pure peer-to-peer IP switching. These systems allow your business to continue to use existing equipment while you phase in IP telephony and lay the foundation for future networks.
You save money with converged infrastructures and reduced equipment requirements.

Horizon Business Phone Service At a Glance

• Adaptability - Technology that can grow with your business
• Flexibility - Remote office capabilities
• Simplicity - Intuitive features and shortcuts to speed up work processes
• Connectability - Stay connected to your office by utilizing your mobile device
• Innovative Functionality - Increase performance and unify communications with a broad range of applications including video conferencing, VoIP and messaging
• Value - Powerful communications with flexible leasing options

SIP Trunking

Horizon offers a full range of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking services for sending voice and other unified communications services over the internet. Fiber-based SIP Trunking replaces older copper-based traditional telephone lines or PRIs (Primary Rate Interface) phone services. SIP Trunking services are based on an IP-enabled PBX (private branch exchange) system.

Horizon SIP services offer a variety of benefits, including potential reduced communication costs. You can provision as many SIP channels as you need, and Horizon SIP services offer several business continuity features.

In general, Horizon provides SIP Trunking for customers who need more than three VoIP phone lines. Customized SIP solutions are available.

Key and Hybrid Systems

Networking capabilities allow you to share resources over multiple or remote locations, so you spend less to equip your business. You can also save on billing, management, and maintenance costs with the option of centralized voice mail and centralized billing.

You can deploy traditional circuit-switched technology, VoIP, or any combination, all from one system.