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Phone Systems

Phone systems are a vital tool for businesses when it comes to connecting to customers and partner facilities. While some businesses require system features like unified communications, others may need a system that only performs the essential functions. Horizon understands that each business has different needs, which is why we partnered with NEC, an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader, to offer custom phone solutions to meet all the needs of your company. Our systems are easy to install, use, and maintain. Built for the future and designed for easy system software upgrades, keep your investment current for many years to come.

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Horizon Business Phone Systems At a Glance

• Adaptability - Technology that can grow with your business
• Flexibility - Remote office capabilities
• Simplicity - Intuitive features and shortcuts to speed up work processes
• Connectability - Stay connected to your office by utilizing your mobile device
• Innovative Functionality - Increase performance and unify communications with a broad range of applications including video conferencing, VoIP and messaging
• Value - Powerful communications with flexible leasing options

Key and Hybrid Systems

Networking capabilities allow you to share resources over multiple or remote locations, so you spend less to equip your business. You can also save on billing, management, and maintenance costs with the option of centralized voice mail and centralized billing.

You can deploy traditional circuit-switched technology, VoIP, or any combination, all from one system.

PBX Systems

Take advantage of all the benefits of peer-to-peer IP telephony for your mid-sized or branch office.
Horizon offers PBX systems that can support a hybrid network with traditional digital/analog switching, IP/TDM/IP switching, and pure peer-to-peer IP switching. These systems allow your business to continue to use existing equipment while you phase in IP telephony and lay the foundation for future networks.
You save money with converged infrastructures and reduced equipment requirements.

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