Call Blocking

Block nine pre-selected incoming local
Turn it on
1. Press *60.
Turn it off
1. Press *60.
2. Press 3 and add a phone number
to your list.
3. Voice instructions will guide you
through the steps to add or delete

1. Press *60.
2. Press #01#.
TIP: The number you added may be
labeled a “private” entry on your list.
Menu Options with Call Block ON
• Press 1: Review your list.
• Press 7: Remove a number when
you hear it.
• Press 0: Review the instructions.
• Press * then enter

Blocks your number from displaying on
other local Caller ID display units.
To cancel, on per call basis
1. Press *82.
2. When you hear a dial tone, place
your call as you normally would.
Your number will be displayed.
3. After you hang up, your line goes
back to private status.

Blocks the delivery of your name and
phone number from displaying on
local Caller ID display units, on a percall
• Press *67 prior to placing your call.

• Callers on your list will be notified
their calls have been rejected, but
you will not hear your phone ring
when they call.
• Unknown callers and out-of-area
calls can not be added to the Call
Reject list.