User Guide-Stream TV FAQ

Stream TV


on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

A. Install the Fire Stick on your television.
– Start with your TV on.
– Follow the instructions that came with
your Fire Stick. *Be sure to note the port/
input number where you insert the Fire Stick.
* You will need an Amazon account.
* Have your Wi-Fi username and password
at hand.

B. Download the YourTV Green app.

1. Using your Amazon device, go to the
search function (magnifying glass icon)
at the top left corner of the screen.

2. Type (or use the voice search) YourTV Green

3. When it appears below, navigate down
to highlight it and click the center button
to select.

4. Find and select YourTV Green for app:

5. A new screen will appear. Near the
bottom, select Download.

6. Once downloaded, you can select Open
from that screen, or click the Home
button (house icon) on the remote and
find the app to open. If it asks, select Next.

7. Follow the instructions on the screen
using the credentials below.

8. Click next and enjoy!

Glo Fiber User Guide

How to switch TV inputs with the Fire TV or Firestick remote

Among the discussions of the new Fire TV remote that was just released, several people said they wished that Amazon added an input button for changing their TV’s input. While it’s not as convenient as a dedicated button, both the existing and the new Fire TV Voice Remote are actually capable of switching inputs on your TV and it works regardless of whether you have a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Cube. In case those people, or you, aren’t aware of how to do it, here are instructions for how to change TV inputs using a Fire TV remote.

Quick Guide

To change inputs on your TV using your Fire TV remote, you must have either the 2nd-gen Alexa Voice Remote or the 3rd-gen Alexa Voice Remote. (If your remote doesn’t have a power button at the top, then you have one of the remotes and cannot switch inputs.) You also need to have your TV set up with the Fire TV under the “Equipment Control” menu in the Fire TV’s settings. With the right remote and the TV set up, all you need to do to switch inputs is say “Switch to [INPUT_NAME]” into your remote’s microphone and then point your remote at your TV. For example, say “Switch to HDMI 2” to change to that input on your TV. If you have any issues, such as switching to the component, composite, or antenna inputs, then try adjusting settings at Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > TV > Input Switching or try adding the devices connected to your TV by going to Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > Add Equipment. If you continue to have any issues, try following the detailed guide below.

Detailed Guide

Ensure you have a Fire TV remote that is capable of switching the TV’s input. Only the 2nd-gen Alexa Voice Remote and the 3rd-gen Alexa Voice Remoteare capable of switching inputs. If your remote doesn’t have a power button at the top, then you have one of the remotes that cannot switch inputs.

Ensure that your TV is configured with the Fire TV under Settings > Equipment Control. If you’d like to start fresh, go to Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > TV and then higlight the “Change TV” option but don’t select it. While the option is highlighted, press the Menu (☰) button on your remote to remove your TV and start the set up process from the begining.

Optionaly, go into the Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > TV > Input Switching menu on your Fire TV to see if anything needs to be adjusted for how your TV works. You probably don’t need to change any of the settings there, but it should be the first thing you modify if you have any issues after following this guide.

With the correct Fire TV remote in hand and your TV set up in the Fire TV’s settings menu, you’re now ready to switch inputs. Simply hold down the microphone button on your Fire TV remote, say “Switch to [INPUT_NAME],” let go of the microphone button, and then immediately point the Fire TV remote at your TV until the input changes. For example, if you want to change to a specific HDMI input on your TV, you would say something like “Switch to HDMI three.” Note that the Fire TV remote is not able to switch to the component, composite, or antenna inputs on some TV models. See the next step for a possible solution if that’s the case.

Optionally, you can tell the Fire TV which TV input it is connected to and what else you have connected to your TV to make switching inputs a bit easier. This extra configuration may also allow you to switch to devices connected to your component or composite inputs if you’re unable to switch to them by the input name. First, go to Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > Fire TV and select the TV input that your Fire TV is connected to. By doing so, you’ll then be able to simply say “Go Home” into your remote’s microphone to switch your TV back to your Fire TV’s input.

Now go to Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > Add Equipment and add all the devices that you have connected to your TV. Be sure to configure which input each device is connected to when adding the device. Once a device has been added, you’ll be able to say “Switch to [DEVICE_NAME]” to change inputs to that device. For example, you can say “Switch to Xbox” or “Switch to Cable” without needing to remember which specific input each device is connected to.