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Tech Comes to Town: Preparing for New Digital Business Opportunities

Most businesses can agree that there’s nothing more exciting than when new opportunities come to town. Especially for enterprises that reside in more rural areas of the U.S., when new developments come to nearby communities and economic development spikes, there’s no better time to capitalize on that rising tide of innovation. In fact, Horizon’s home state of Ohio has been a big name in the tech investment realm lately, and this could have big implications for business opportunities in the coming years.

Ohio’s Technology Investment Boom

Central Ohio is seeing huge moves from investors like Intel — and local schools are building new curriculum to fuel the supply of tech-informed workers. Wells Fargo is also bringing new jobs to the area with hopes of creating a new tech hub thanks to state incentives it recently secured. Google is coming our way as well with two new data centers (which will support AI and other cutting-edge initiatives), and Amazon plans to invest nearly $8 billion in Ohio-based cloud computing projects. These headlines make it clear to see that Ohio might just be the new locale for tech-hungry solutions to be built and thrive.

On an even more local level, it’s the same exciting story. Closer to our home in Dayton, AI is rapidly transforming the world of business opportunities, and the University of Dayton is embracing the future of commerce with an Amazon ‘Just Walk Out’ store on campus. New police surveillance tech is also coming to Dayton in an effort to create better safety for the community, and that’s just the beginning of the good work technology is doing in our homes and towns. All across local communities, the same progress is being made in all sorts of forms.

So, what does all of this mean for all the different enterprises in the area? It means this story of progress is just now ramping up, and it’s far more wide reaching than just a few data centers and big-name hyperscale companies. Major investments are ushering in a much more tech-hungry era in regions like Ohio, and this shift has the capacity to augment every facet of life and operations as we know it. The new wave of IT-powered advantages is here, and those who are preparing for it are the ones that are benefiting from it. In short, priming yourself for this wide array of technology and economic opportunity is crucial.

There’s no better time to ensure you can stay ahead of the curve than right now — so, how should you start?

Getting Ready for Tech-Fueled Growth 

Whether it’s new public safety initiatives aiming to prevent harm from coming to citizens or educational institutions boosting their offerings to ensure today’s students can be tomorrow’s innovators, it’s clear that the tech inspiration coming to Ohio is paying dividends. Still, these organizations couldn’t take the next step in their journey and match the pace of digital growth in the area without the right foundations in place. Those proper foundations start at the network level.

The network is the lifeblood of new opportunities. Low latencies, fast speeds, robust bandwidth and secure connectivity ensure new educational programs and platforms can operate seamlessly, and high capacities ensure AI-powered projects can actually function as intended. The advantages of a highly prepared, strategic network extend to all business opportunities, organizational sizes, verticals and goals — but so do the damages of an underprepared network.

In order to stay ahead of evolving needs and capitalize on the tech era in Ohio (and beyond), here’s what your network needs:

  • Robust Capacity and Stable Speeds

Next-gen tech requires a lot of data, and the network needs to be able to handle high amounts of flowing information without sacrificing performance. Similarly, seamless tech experiences mean jitter, lag and downtime are wholly unacceptable — that means speed needs to be a priority, and reliability is also at the top of the list. Of course, there are an assortment of ways organizations can build these benefits into their network, including leveraging Dedicated Internet Access.

  • Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind 

As the opportunity of technology goes up and organizations and individuals start putting more and more sensitive data on the line, it’s only natural that worries around the protection of that data become more acute. Especially when we consider digital applications for government, healthcare and education, the stakes are high. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to create better security and keep private data away from bad actors. Dark fiber is an effective way to add security and control, and Ethernet’s physical connection can also lend a hand to security-focused deployments.

  • Trusted Guidance that Meets Your Goals 

Going it alone is rarely a prudent choice in life, and for network investment and IT goals, it’s rare that an organization is prepared with the right expertise to create success under their own steam. Add in some knowledge gaps and a tight hiring market that can make it hard to retain proper talent, it’s clear that having a network and IT expert on hand pays off. That’s where Horizon comes in — we’re a deeply experienced, trusted partner that has helped countless enterprises across every vertical achieve their digital goals. With the right solutions and insights on hand, any business can rest assured they’re getting the right kind of deployment (at the right budget-friendly cost) with the perfect customizations that fit their unique needs.

So, it’s pretty clear that the future of tech and business opportunity is here in Ohio today. Is your team ready to take it on?

To learn more, check out Horizon’s solutions here.


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