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Techmetals Harnesses Newfound Reliability and Builds Better Customer Experiences with Dedicated Internet Access

Horizon Wins – October 2023 – Today, Horizon announces that Techmetals, a leader in the metal plating and coating industry, has selected 60 months of Horizon’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution. With the enhanced reliability, speed, security and capacity this fiber strategy delivers, Techmetals is poised to enhance its customer service and create optimized operations.

For 50 years, Techmetals has proudly assisted clients around the globe with unmatched quality, service and reliability, offering metal plating solutions that fit a range of requirements and budgets – plus in-house R&D for customized options. In the digital era, Techmetals came to recognize the core role that its underlying network plays in its ability to deliver these exceptional customer experiences and solutions, and soon realized that it needed to reinvest in its strategy to build an even better framework.

Techmetals selected Horizon due to its reputation for building strong relationships with its customers and providing hands-on, high-touch customer support and customized services. Furthermore, Horizon’s DIA solutions are built to align exactly with these kinds of business needs, ensuring Techmetals can stay connected with high levels of availability and remain immune to lag or jitter issues created by shared connections. With DIA deployed, Techmetals will be able to rest assured that both its customers and internal teams are getting the very best in service capabilities and operational possibilities.

“Every enterprise wants to stay ahead of the curve — both on the tech and connectivity front as well as on the customer experience front. Internet connections are key to all these facets of business, and not many options offer the kind of reliability, speed and reassurance that dedicated access delivers,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “We’re always proud to partner with a company that shares our focus on customer experience excellence, and we know that a DIA framework will serve Techmetals’ organization and customers very well.”

If you’re interested in dedicated internet, download our DIA data sheet.


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