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The Backhaul Breakdown: Why Carriers and Cell Services Need Fiber

In late 2023, statistics showed that 96% of the global population utilized their mobile devices to connect to the internet. After all, staying online is an expected facet of our modern lives across both the business and the personal realms. What’s more, mobile business connectivity has become a must-have for delivering the digital experiences and accessible support capabilities that customers demand. But, if we take a peek behind the curtain of today’s mobile connectivity and business frameworks, what powers it all?

Here’s your answer: Cellular carriers, backhaul networking and trusted fiber partnerships.

Today, we’re going back to basics to explore how these critical mobile and cellular services are delivered to organizations of all shapes and sizes across the country. Let’s dig in.

Backhaul: A Digital Beast of Burden 

Take a moment to think about everything you’ve accomplished online in the past day, week, month or year. Perhaps you leveraged mobile banking to deposit checks virtually or check your balance. Maybe you used your phone to have a virtual consultation with a telehealth professional, logged into your municipality’s portal to book a space in a local park, or took an online class. Maybe you purchased something online or ordered food delivery.

Everyone lives their lives in the digital world these days — which means businesses need to leverage the internet as a main stage for service delivery and customer interaction. From business endpoints and mobile devices at the edge to distributed mobile cell sites and core data centers, this network of connections is the lifeblood of our modern society. So, what does backhaul have to do with it?

To put it simply, backhaul is the part of this massive framework that connects wireless cell towers to the internet, enabling these businesses, organizations, homes and individuals to operate online efficiently, reliably and securely wherever they go. Carriers and wireless providers are constantly adding new cellular sites to their national, regional and local mobile connectivity fabrics to offer more capacity and faster speeds to more devices every day. However, those new site deployments are useless without backhaul’s ability to connect these subnetworks with the core network and the data centers that comprise it. This is where it gets tricky.

Despite carriers’ hard work building critical mobile infrastructure nodes, it takes a strong partnership with a trusted network provider to pick up the mantle and complete the job through backhaul deployments. Why? Because when it comes to backhaul, not just any kind of connectivity or service quality will do. As applications become more sophisticated, mobile services become more in-demand and experiences are held to higher standards than ever, it’s clear that today’s backhaul needs fiber optic capabilities.

Pure Fiber for Profound Backhaul Results 

Across the entire spectrum of network needs and functions, pure fiber optic deployments have emerged as a clear frontrunner in terms of performance quality. While backhaul can come in the form of copper or other networking types, the speed, reliability and real-time responsiveness of fiber optics make it ideal for the broad array of innovative applications that today’s carrier services need to support.

What’s more, a successful backhaul network requires careful planning according to bandwidth and latency, interference potential, reliability, scalability and speed. These factors can all significantly impact traffic and the end-user experience, which is why backhaul is vital to keep connected. Right now, with aggressive expansion and service needs at play, carriers need the right backhaul partner to do the job right the first time.

Here’s how we do it at Horizon: We build 100% pure fiber-optic networks and deliver innovative technology and 24/7/365 local NOC and customer care. We take pride in the fact that we don’t just offer high-quality, critical connectivity solutions for small to large enterprise and wholesale carrier customers — we treat every project as a partnership built on trust, confidence, and robust results.

Delivering an extensive network that offers high-speed Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access, Hosted Voice, dark fiber, data center connectivity services and more, major wireless carriers, wholesale and agent partners, and large multi-location enterprise and government customers have trusted Horizon for over a decade.

Horizon offers flexible and customizable fiber network solutions with an enduring dedication to customer care and cutting-edge fiber-optic technology — so when end users rely on robust mobile capabilities, the carriers can depend on effective backhaul solutions.

To learn more about Horizon’s backhaul capabilities, click here.


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