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The City of Chester, West Virginia, Secures Fiber DIA Backed by Expert Care to Enhance Municipal Services

Horizon Wins – February 2023 – Horizon is excited to announce that the City of Chester, West Virginia, has signed on with Horizon to leverage 200Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), backed by Horizon’s dedicated expertise, to help enhance and manage municipal services.

Before switching to Horizon, the city experienced poor customer care and restrictive service from a different network provider. The high rate of representative turnover, combined with the limited access to coaxial bandwidth, left the City of Chester unable to meet the needs of its digital applications or properly support resident or tenant growth opportunities. To remedy this situation, the city sought out a trusted partner that could deliver high-touch service alongside robust fiber networking capabilities.

Horizon’s DIA solutions ideally empower local government requirements with high levels of network reliability, security, predictability and speed — all the major components of a robust network foundation capable of serving any and all digital transformation initiatives. In cementing this collaboration with Horizon, the City of Chester quickly found comfort in the company’s keen networking insights and dedicated customer support style. The city also found further support in a collaboration with Nerds to Go, a Horizon partner assisting with deployment and service management at multiple locations.

“The well-being and growth opportunities of local communities is always a top priority, which is why we’re always excited to partner with municipalities like the City of Chester as they look to transform their service with greater network capabilities,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “We couldn’t be more proud to serve as the go-to that’s known for great service and local care, and we’re excited to see how this robust connectivity helps the municipality and its constituents flourish.”

To learn more about Horizon DIA service, click here.


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