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The International College of Broadcasting Builds Unlimited Opportunity with Horizon’s DIA

Horizon Wins – January 2023 – Horizon proudly announces that the International College of Broadcasting (ICB) in Dayton, OH, has signed a 60-month contract to leverage Horizon’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions to support its ongoing education digital transformation. With 1GB DIA in place, ICB will be able to fully empower its students as they enter the world of broadcasting, recording and multimedia.

The International College of Broadcasting strives to create a community of learning by challenging students in its General Education component to develop skills in critical assessment, analysis, expression, aesthetics and independent thinking. These skills contribute significantly to the overall college mission of preparing students for careers in the radio, television and audio/visual production fields.

As a college that specializes in helping young minds explore and master bandwidth-intensive applications and processes, ICB realized that it needed to enhance its networking capabilities to support the growing need. ​​In fact, the demand for trained, qualified and technically proficient personnel, both behind the scenes and in front of an audience, is high. To properly equip students and ensure they thrive in this competitive field with proper preparation, ICB knew it had to remove the existing limitations of its network circuits and increase the bandwidth that both the college and its students had access to.

Due to its preference for working with local, Ohio-based organizations, Horizon’s long-standing reputation as a trusted, local partner made it a great choice for ICB. With Horizon’s ability to provide robust, secure, reliable and fast connectivity backed by high-touch support from a local team, ICB can trust that it is fully prepared to meet the needs of the industry and its educational programs with truly advanced networking capabilities.

“The world is only becoming more digital with time, and in a bandwidth-hungry business like broadcasting, it’s evident that only the best network and connectivity solutions make the cut,” notes Glenn Lytle, CRO for Horizon. “We’re excited to be ICB’s partner of choice, and we’re very excited to see both the College and its students excel with access to ample high-speed bandwidth.”

To learn more about Horizon DIA service, click here.


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