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The Orchards Rehabilitation Center Ditches Poor Customer Care, Switches to Horizon with 5-Year Deal

Horizon Wins – January 2023 – Horizon is proud to share that it has been selected by The Orchards, a rehab and nursing home dedicated to caring for the minds, bodies and souls of its residents, to support enhanced bandwidth and applications performance in a 5-year deal. The deal includes two instances of 200Mbps DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) and full 23 channel PRI (Primary Rate Interface).

The Orchards, an organization with a 60–year reputation of excellence in care driven by respect, concern for well-being and encouragement, recently found that its network provider was underdelivering. The organization was experiencing a severe lack in customer care and representative turnover, making it difficult to maintain its high standards of operations, as well as limited access to coaxial bandwidth. As a result, the Orchards saw that it needed a fiber network solution and a trusted partner that could empower their care for residents and support ongoing digital application functions and adoption.

After discussing with Horizon, The Orchards felt certain that the team’s expertise, experience with customized deployments and commitment to high-touch customer service would seamlessly meet their needs. Furthermore, Horizon’s partnerships with third-party deployment specialists make it easy for The Orchards to implement their network and manage the services.

“The work that organizations like The Orchards do is so vital for the health and wellness of local communities, and like any organization in this current age, they need to be able to thrive on their network and empower any digital initiatives on behalf of residents,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO for Horizon. “We couldn’t be more excited to see where this fast, secure and highly reliable DIA deployment takes them with expanded, continuous access to much-needed bandwidth.”

To learn more about Horizon DIA service, click here.


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