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Utility Solutions Group Boosts Connectivity with Robust, Dedicated Internet

Horizon Wins – August 2023 – Horizon is excited to announce that Columbus-based provider of high-quality, versatile gas regulators, Utility Solutions Group, has selected 300Mbps of Horizon Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to support its service delivery and operational success.

The company — which provides dependable and safe service the utilities industry relies on in order to protect their customers, employees, and equipment — is dedicated to creating and delivering solutions that improve the safety and reliability of utility infrastructure. With a reputation for its commitment to dependability, accountability, responsibility and ethics, it’s crucial that every aspect of the business reflects that mission. So, when the organization found it needed more from its underlying connectivity to continue delivering the best service excellence and solution quality to a growing customer base, Utility Solutions Group knew it needed the very best.

Horizon has served as Utility Solutions Group’s network and connectivity partner of choice, matching the company’s dedication to customer care and integrity while delivering flexible, reliable and customizable connectivity options — plus robust local support in Ohio. With an empowered, DIA-driven connectivity foundation in place, Utility Solutions Group can keep its business running at the required levels of reliability, mobility, agility, security and more. DIA delivers optimized performance when compared to shared broadband, and with service guarantees, SLAs and quick troubleshooting options in place, speed, bandwidth and uptime are never a question. As a result, Utility Solutions Group can rest assured it is always ready to deliver success for the next customer, solution, operations goal and beyond.

“DIA delivers the full gamut of benefits for organizations like Utility Solutions Group that have exceptionally high standards of excellence,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Utilities are a cornerstone of life for communities, families, businesses and more, and that makes Utility Solutions Group — and its underlying network capabilities — a mission-critical part of the mix. We’re very excited to be the trusted partner for this organization and the great work it does in our communities.”

To learn more about Horizon’s DIA services, click here.


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