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Video Testimonial: One Columbus, Strong Networking Builds Economic Opportunity

Constructing robust networks and extending rich connectivity into new towns and regions is about more than just enabling online activities — it’s about the rewarding, enriching results for businesses, local economies and communities that follow.

One Columbus, the economic development organization for the 11-county Columbus region, has a vision for making this area the most prosperous region in the United States, advancing the social and economic well-being of all residents. In our digital era, there’s no better place to start than with capable network foundations — which is why Horizon is proud to collaborate with One Columbus to deliver game-changing fiber-optic resources. This shared dedication to community service has created powerful results for residents and local organizations alike, so Horizon recently sat down with Chip Holcombe, Managing Director, Investor Relations at One Columbus, to discuss the impact of these projects.

In this video testimonial, hear Chip discuss the vital role networks play in promoting regional development and community vitality, how the partnership between One Columbus and Horizon came to be, the work we’ve accomplished together and much more.

Want to bring these advantages to your neighborhood or business? Horizon can help — reach out to us to get a personalized quote today.


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