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Frequently Asked Questions

Keep your team connected with Horizon’s Voice Connect Pro, Premium and Deluxe, powered by Cymbus. Our business cloud-based communication solution provides HD Voice quality, reliability, and mobility. Voice Connect is scalable and dynamic, allowing you to add seats as you grow.

Why are enterprises looking for this type of hosted voice service? 

Business is changing rapidly, and how we work has become more distributed and remote. Still, remaining highly effective has never been more important for maintaining the enterprise’s day-to-day operation and competitive advantages.

Teams and individuals need to be able to communicate despite physical distance, which means they require a solution that is built for a new type of business mobility and agility.

Enter Voice Connect! This turnkey tool offers feature-rich, cloud-based solutions that are easily managed for organizations looking to transform their communications and collaboration — or simply drive more ease and value for teams.


Is Voice Connect only good for remote teams? 

No — Voice Connect is for anyone looking to improve and streamline their business communications for a digital era.

Voice Connect can help enterprises drive new efficiency wherever their teams reside. Even within an office environment, access to cloud-driven voice and mobile communications helps everyone leverage better connectivity and quality for their daily work initiatives.

Plus, with easy installation, customizable plans, local support and team training options, Horizon makes it easy for any business to benefit from scalable and powerful voice, talk and text solutions that suit every type of team.


What are the benefits of cloud-based voice and messaging? 

The cloud has become the final frontier for IT for a reason — it offers high levels of accessibility, reliability, mobility and more.

When it comes to business voice capabilities specifically, utilizing a cloud-based approach not only reduces capital expenditures, it also averts the traditional limitations of non-cloud options. For instance, traditional phone systems often require new hardware for each additional feature. The cloud, on the other hand, streamlines access to feature-rich options without forcing any additional costs or excessive time to deployment.

The cloud is also the best place to be if the enterprise is looking to connect personnel across disparate locations — all that’s needed is an internet connection.


I’m already a Voice Connect user – what upgrades are available, and what do they offer? 

Horizon Voice Connect delivers multiple tiers of use — Pro, Premium and Deluxe. Here’s a simplified outline of what each option offers:

PRO: This delivers the foundation of success in the form of fully featured cloud-based desktop phones. This option provides voice services to all employees and conference rooms with more than 100 IP calling features. Plus, our Horizon Hosted Voice call plan includes Unlimited Nationwide Calling to the 48 contiguous United States.

PREMIUM:  This upgrade layers in additional agility that is critical for mobile workforces. Voice Connect Premium enables users to make calls and send messages from an intuitive app on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Employees can also forward voicemails to email or get push notifications on their device so they never have to miss a thing.

DELUXE:  Our Deluxe option unifies business communications and collaboration capabilities with expanded HD video conferencing, softphone and instant messaging capabilities. Our HD video conferencing accommodates up to 200 participants, and advanced features like screen sharing and integrated messaging make collaboration easy and intuitive.

To get the full rundown about Voice Connect, you can click here to read more, download our full brochure or explore our full feature list. 


Who can I contact to discuss if Voice Connect is right for me? 

Please feel free to contact the Horizon team here. One of our local service experts will be in touch with you soon to discuss your unique requirements.

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For a complete list of Voice Connect user guides and Polycom 401 phone guides, visit our Enterprise Services Support page.

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