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Weaver’s Furniture Pairs DIA and Hosted Voice for Powerful Business Results

Horizon Wins – December 2023 – Horizon proudly announces that Weaver’s Furniture, the number one furniture destination in Ohio Amish Country area, has selected a strategic combination of a 200Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Hosted Voice services to support business savings, networking speeds — and much more.

DIA delivers a range of benefits for businesses looking to harness better performance and more stable bandwidth availability, in turn boosting business capabilities across a host of operational use cases. At the same time, cloud-hosted voice services are also gaining popularity for their ability to enhance team collaboration, customer service experiences and overall business agility and mobility. Together, these two solutions present the opportunity to reinvent a business setting, positioning teams and brands for long-term growth and success with strong network foundations. This is exactly the environment Weaver’s Furniture is building on behalf of its team and its customers.

Of course, Horizon’s strong local presence, dedicated support and collaborative style helped seal the deal for Weaver’s Furniture, who enjoyed the close relationship with its Horizon account executive, as well as the strong SLAs to back up the deployment. Today, Weaver’s Furniture is poised for enhanced operations — and customer experiences that match the company’s existing dedication to quality and exceeding expectations.

“Many businesses know the benefits of revamping their old, outdated voice and communications strategies, and many also know the value of getting better stability, reliability and quality from their network connections. However, not many know the truly revolutionary results that pairing two advanced solutions like DIA and hosted voice can create,” comments Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “We’re thrilled to support Weaver’s Furniture as it steps into the next phase of its digital business future.”

Weaver’s Furniture isn’t the first to support superior business standards with hosted voice deployments — check out another example of cloud-based voice’s powerful results in this case study.


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