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Web Design and Programming Company Paves Digital Pathways with DIA

Horizon Wins – December 2023 – Today, Horizon proudly announces that its Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution has been selected by a Marietta, Ohio based web design and programming company to deliver better internet performance, more reliable connectivity and greater capacity for online service delivery.

Excellent user interfaces and user experiences come at a premium in our digital world. This is a fact that one Ohio-based web design and programming company knows exceptionally well — which is why they’re committed to delivering the very best UX and UI services to a range of customers. However, delivering the best online solutions means first harnessing the power of robust underlying connectivity. When this organization came up against data caps, it realized it needed to invest in its networking to continue delivering optimized results.

Horizon’s DIA solutions have been a long-standing favorite for organizations across a host of mission-critical verticals due to their ability to deliver added stability, reliability, capacity, control and security. With dedicated connections instead of shared, digital-first organizations like this web design and programming firm can rest assured that their internet and connectivity performance will not be subjected to unexpected latency or jitter thanks to restricted capacity from other users. Plus, DIA connectivity also offers flexibility, faster troubleshooting, symmetrical bandwidth and a host of additional benefits to keep digital pathways clear and business operations running smoothly.

“DIA options are at the forefront of connectivity investment because they can meet any priorities a business brings to the table, whether they’re a security-focused organization or they have applications that demand ultra-fast, super-reliable networking,” states Glenn Lytle, CRO of Horizon. “Horizon sweetens the deal with always-local support that helps customers feel taken care of, and we provide SLAs that assure our customers’ networks will always support their operations too. We’re proud to be the partner of choice for this web design and programming organization, and we look forward to seeing how DIA helps the business grow.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how Horizon solutions are built to serve advanced digital enterprises, check out our dedicated page here.


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