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Why Fiber DIA is the Secret Weapon for Any Digital Business

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Requirements on the network, driven by the need for more advanced, faster and reliable services for customers, are putting pressure on businesses to deliver. Organizations of all sizes are looking to deliver better results and experiences through digital capabilities, and they’re also connecting a growing amount of disparate business teams and locations as the workforce tends more toward online work. These are nearly ubiquitous trends across business — and these trends’ subsequent network requirements don’t discern between business sizes.

So, why is there this idea that fiber DIA (Direct Internet Access) is only for large organizations?

In an era when keeping a competitive edge and delighting customers with the best possible service is paramount, it’s time to leave this idea behind and understand that this powerful tool is truly for everyone. The days when the big organizations were the only ones who could afford to advance their IT in this way are long gone, so let’s dig into DIA to understand why it’s necessary for every business size.


What DIA Brings to the Table

Before we discuss DIA as the new frontier of networking, let’s review why common solutions like shared internet access might be holding digital transformations and service delivery back. It all comes down to one factor: Having other organizations using your connections, which bogs down speed, limits bandwidth and more. If businesses leverage shared internet access, they’re at the mercy of other companies’ usage — which means lag, lackluster performance, and peak usage hours that can bottleneck your day-to-day business. Bandwidth hogg     ing, route congestion and quality inconsistencies can easily occur. Think of it like a traffic jam — if too many people are trying to use the same highway, problems crop up quickly. This puts a significant damper on any organization’s ability to deliver digital necessities and collaborate with customers and employees across distance.

DIA, which offers dedicated access for a single business, averts all these concerns. DIA doesn’t just free you from having to worry about how others might impact your own business’s bottom line, with the right partner, it also offers additional advantages like performance-enhancing symmetrical download and upload speeds, Service Level Agreements that protect connections and quick troubleshooting.


The Horizon Advantage

Horizon is a dedicated partner to businesses that depend on exceptional networking and fiber capabilities. With our team’s local support and extensive knowledge of advanced networking needs, we help businesses of all sizes increase their productivity and stay agile with fast connections and reliable bandwidth and uptime. Not to mention, Horizon delivers a robust array of access options, and our custom solutions can be built to individual needs with flexible billing featuring flat and aggregate options.

With all that in mind, it’s time to get down to business and improve your networking and service with fiber DIA for all. To learn more, click here.



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