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Why Upload Speeds are Important if You Work from Home

If you’ve ever taken a video call from home, chances are you’ve heard (or spoken) these exact words: “sorry, you froze,” or “can you repeat that? You were cutting out.”

When it happens, you may be wondering if it’s you, them, or the software you’re using. We’re here to solve the mystery once and for all: if the lag or freezing happens consistently when you are speaking, you can blame it on your upload speeds.

Download vs Upload Speed: What’s the Difference?

Internet speeds are measured by how much data can be transferred per second (in other words, megabits of data per second, or Mbps).

Download speeds refer to how quickly information can move from the internet to your device. Most of what we do online can be classified as a “download” activity (think streaming TV, checking email, scrolling through social media). Slow or unstable speeds can result in lag and a degraded sound/picture quality.

Upload speeds refer to how quickly you can send information from your device to the internet (think video conferencing, online gaming, and posting a photo on Instagram). Slow upload speeds are often the culprit behind frozen screens and broken audio.

Horizon provides symmetrical speeds, meaning you’ll get the same great speed whether you’re uploading or downloading data.

Fiber is the only broadband technology that can provide symmetrical speeds. For other broadband technologies like cable, DSL, satellite or fixed wireless, your upload speed can be about a tenth or less of the advertised speed on your current plan. If you subscribe to 100 Mbps internet, that’ll be your maximum download speed; your upload speed may cap out at just 10 Mbps.

See why you may be experiencing freezing and lag on video calls?

Get the Speed You Need

If you’re struggling with connectivity issues, we recommend checking your upload and download speeds on Speed Test. Upload speeds below 5-10Mbps may indicate it’s time for an upgrade.

At Horizon, we’re happy to help you find an internet plan that suits the unique needs of your household—so you can put those days of frozen Zoom calls behind you.

Contact our friendly, local team at 740.772.8200 with your questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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